An Unwelcome Guest by Emily Organ

An Unwelcome Guest

Some say the Hotel Tempesta is cursed, but its owner, Mr Gallo, refuses to believe it. When he’s brutally murdered one night, the suspicion falls on his guests. Ten suspects in total. And Penny Green is one of them.

Does Mr Gallo’s murder have anything to do with the criminal mastermind on the run from America? Penny and Inspector James Blakely must negotiate a world of courtesans, stolen paintings and secret codes to prove Penny’s innocence and uncover the truth.

Book 1: Limelight

Book 2: The Rookery

Book 3: The Maid’s Secret

Book 4: The Inventor

Book 5: Curse of the Poppy

Book 6: The Bermondsey Poisoner

Book 8: Death at the Workhouse

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An Unwelcome Guest (Penny Green Series Book 7)

Book Categories: Mystery and Penny Green Series.