Forgotten Child by Emily Organ

Forgotten Child

“This historical novel is as gripping as any contemporary “grip lit” title!” – read review on BiblioManiac

“Overflows with thrills, chills, romance, and adventure!” – read review on Perfect at Midnight.

“Emily Organ re-animates the wonderful characters from Runaway Girl and sends them off on another medieaval adventure.” – read review on Fifty-something Fruit Cake.

Her husband took a fatal secret to the grave. Two friends are murdered. She has only one chance to stop the killing.

If you like a gripping story which transports you to a bygone age then you’ll love this second instalment in Emily Organ’s historic thriller series.

Alice Wescott thought she knew her husband, Thomas. But after his death, two strangers reveal something he kept hidden from her.

When two of her friends are murdered, Alice has to confront her husband’s past. Was he really the man she thought he was? An eight year old boy holds the answer, but he forces her to make a perilous journey north to the wilds of Northumbria.

Stranded on Holy Island, Alice’s mission to remedy her husband’s mistake leads her into a deadly trap. Can she right her husband’s wrongs or will his secret claim another victim?

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