Murder in Cold Mud by Emily Organ

Murder in Cold Mud

The Compton Poppleford Horticultural Society Annual Show is just around the corner but there’s a problem: someone is murdering the competitors.

Stories of vegetable rivalry abound as the local constabulary, Inspector Mappin, investigates. When the death toll increases, Mappin drafts in assistance but refuses to allow detective duo Annabel Churchill and Doris Pemberley to help. The two long-lived ladies decide to solve the case themselves, however their efforts are hampered by the inspector’s accusations of meddling.

Can Churchill and Pemberley battle the odds to find the culprit before another gardener dies? Compton Poppleford’s long-buried secrets are unearthed as Churchill and Pemberley close in on the killer in their midst.

Book 1: Tragedy at Piddleton Hotel
Book 3: Puzzle in Poppleford Wood


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Murder in Cold Mud (Churchill & Pemberley #2)

Book Categories: Churchill and Pemberley series and Mystery.