Puzzle in Poppleford Wood by Emily Organ

Puzzle in Poppleford Wood

Cake loving sleuths Annabel Churchill and Doris Pemberley face a baffling cold case.

For twenty years the villagers of Compton Poppleford have been puzzled by the fate of Darcy Sprockett who vanished in the woods one dark and stormy night. When fresh evidence surfaces, elderly detective duo Churchill and Pemberley creak into action.

A cast of suspects emerges, but Inspector Mappin is soon barking up the wrong tree. When he refuses advice from the two old ladies, Churchill and Pemberley must use their wits and mastery of disguise to unravel the mystery of Poppleford Wood. How could the newly unveiled statue of Sir Morris Buckle-Duffington be connected? And what about local Lothario, Mr Peregrine Colthrop?

And is a new member of Churchill’s Detective Agency a help or a hindrance?

Book 1: Tragedy at Piddleton Hotel
Book 2: Murder in Cold Mud

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Book Categories: Churchill and Pemberley series and Mystery.