Book Category: Churchill and Pemberley series

Tragedy at Piddleton Hotel by Emily Organ

Tragedy at Piddleton Hotel

*** Shortlisted for Amazon UK's Kindle Storyteller Award 2019 *** Armed with a handbag and fuelled by cake, Annabel Churchill is a mature yet tenacious…

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Murder in Cold Mud by Emily Organ

Murder in Cold Mud

The Compton Poppleford Horticultural Society Annual Show is just around the corner but there‚Äôs a problem: someone is murdering the competitors. Stories of vegetable rivalry…

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Puzzle in Poppleford Wood by Emily Organ

Puzzle in Poppleford Wood

*** Publication date November 14th 2019! Available now on pre-order for just 99c / 99p *** Cake loving sleuths Annabel Churchill and Doris Pemberley face…

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A Troublesome Case by Emily Organ

A Troublesome Case

A FREE short mystery to accompany the Churchill & Pemberley cozy mystery series. Churchill and Pemberley are on the train home from a shopping trip…

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