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Author interview: Hazel Gaynor

Hazel GaynorLast week Hazel’s debut novel, THE GIRL WHO CAME HOME, hit number 9 in the New York Times Best Sellers list. Her success has come after years of hard work and juggling it all with a young family. Luckily for me Hazel has taken time out of her exceptionally busy schedule (I made that bit up, I’m guessing it is) to be interviewed for my blog! Here’s what she had to say.

What was the first story you wrote?

‘The Pony Thieves’. I was aged 8 and pony mad. It wasn’t bad – fully illustrated and high drama at the stables. Can’t believe it didn’t become a bestseller!

How did you realise you had the skill to write?

I’m not really sure! I always loved creative writing in my English classes at school and I took English Literature to A’ Level. My business career involved a lot of report writing and I always found it quite enjoyable to put my thoughts into a written report. I also seemed to always get the job of writing the office newsletter, so there was clearly something in me. In terms of writing novels, I think you can only find out if you have the skill (and the tenacity) to do it by sitting down and trying.

Many writers experience the doldrums: how have you coped with writer’s block or self-doubt?Continue reading →