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The Outsider is a murder mystery with a good dose of romance too. It follows a young woman who makes an impulsive decision and ends up out of her depth.

The love story develops early on but is complicated by a succession of threatening events. There is a murder mystery and a series of twists and turns which will keep readers guessing. It’s easy to assume ‘the outsider’ in the story is the main character, but readers will discover other characters in the book fit the description too.

The Outsider Emily OrganI wanted to write a book like the ones I enjoy: mystery and suspense novels which are fun to read and where you really get to know the characters. I was also keen to explore the theme in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca (one of my favourite novels) about a naïve heroine falling for a man with a past. There’s an idea that new love can erase what’s happened before and start afresh, but we all know that life isn’t that simple and past decisions can come back to haunt us and those we love.

You’ll notice the cover of The Outsider features the woods. These play an important role in the book as they mirror the development of Yasmin’s character. At the start of the book she’s nervous when she finds herself lost in the woods. To her, they’re a place to be feared. Having grown up in the city, she’s not used to the silence and the solitude. As Yasmin settles into her new surroundings, she realises the woods are a place to be enjoyed. And they also provide a refuge when the going gets tough for her.

Unfortunately, just as Yasmin’s learnt to enjoy the woods, there’s a tragic event there. Will she ever return to the woods again?

The Outsider provides escapism where the reader can try to solve the mystery as well as enjoy the romance and the variety of characters and settings in the book. I love humour in a story so there are some funny moments to balance the darker events. It’s a fun mystery which I hope will keep readers turning the pages.

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