How to download my free books

Sometimes I send out exclusive books and stories to my mailing list, here are some instructions for downloading the books onto your kindle or e-reader.

I usually send three versions for you to choose from:
.mobi file for kindle
.epub file for all other ereaders
pdf file which can be read on any computer, tablet or phone.

Reading on your kindle

Open the email I send you on your computer and save the download from the kindle .mobi link onto your computer.

Once you saved the downloaded book onto your computer, you can use this Amazon service to send the book to your kindle:

Mac users can go here:

Or you can email the downloaded book to your kindle yourself. To find out your kindle’s email address, log into your Amazon account and go to:

Your account > Digital content > Manage your content and devices > Your devices >

You can then email the book you saved on your computer to your kindle.

Reading on your tablet or phone

You can download the kindle app onto your tablet or phone. Once you have done this, open the email I send you on the phone or tablet you’d like to read it on and then click on the kindle .mobi link. The book should then open in the kindle app on your tablet or phone.

For iPad and iPhone you can use iBooks. Just click on the .epub ebook link in the email I send you and the book should automatically open in iBooks.

Reading on your computer

Save the kindle .mobi file onto your computer and then download the kindle app. Here is the link:

If all else fails

Do a Google or YouTube search for the following terms:

“how to side load epub” + your device name.
(or mobi if you’ve downloaded the kindle version)

Or reply to my email and ask for help.

Happy reading!