Writing versus crochet

These are two things which battle for my time. I like the way crochet relaxes my mind (unless I have to count stitches which I’m rubbish at). But whenever I’m crocheting, I’m nagging myself that I should be writing. I currently have about five crochet projects on the go and I should make an effort to finish at least one of them.

I started this blanket last Autumn. The idea was to put together lots of randomly coloured squares from yarn I wanted to use up. I’m working on the border now and that will probably take forever because I keep getting ideas for another row. Luckily I don’t have to concentrate too much on this blanket (unlike following a crochet pattern) so I find I can think about writing while I’m working on it. Which is kind of writing and crocheting at the same time isn’t it?

crochet square blanket

I think it’s harder to fit other things into your life once you’re writing regularly and setting yourself a daily word target. That’s what I’m doing with my next book I’m working on.