Book Category: Mystery

Limelight by Emily Organ a Victorian mystery


How did an actress die twice? London, 1883. Actress Lizzie Dixie drowned in the River Thames, so how was she murdered five years later in Highgate Cemetery? Intrepid…

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The Rookery by Emily Organ

The Rookery

There’s a killer in the slums. London 1884. When a thief robs Fleet Street reporter Penny Green, she finds herself caught up in a horrifying…

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The Maids Secret by Emily Organ

The Maid’s Secret

The truth is rarely simple. Victorian industrialist Alexander Glenville is a man with many secrets. Fleet Street reporter Penny Green is tasked with working undercover as…

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The Inventor by Emily Organ

The Inventor

Electricity pioneer Simon Borthwick lights up Victorian London with a stunning illuminations display - then shoots himself in a hansom cab. Plucky Fleet Street reporter…

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Curse of the Poppy Emily Organ

Curse of the Poppy

A woman dies in a burglary in Fitzrovia. A man is murdered in an opium den in Limehouse. Gutsy Fleet Street reporter Penny Green suspects…

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The Gang of St Brides by Emily Organ

The Gang of St Bride’s

*** Coming March 2020 *** A gang of lady thieves is targeting Piccadilly’s wealthy shoppers and no one seems able to stop them. As frustrations…

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The Bermondsey Poisoner by Emily Organ

The Bermondsey Poisoner

A culprit is on the run after a fatal poisoning in Bermondsey. It seems like a simple case for Penny Green to report on, until…

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An Unwelcome Guest by Emily Organ

An Unwelcome Guest

Some say the Hotel Tempesta is cursed, but its owner, Mr Gallo, refuses to believe it. When he’s brutally murdered one night, the suspicion falls…

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Death in the Workhouse by Emily Organ

Death at the Workhouse

London 1885. Something’s not right at Shoreditch Workhouse and reporter Penny Green is struggling to convince someone to listen. After spending time there undercover, she…

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the teacher by emily organ

The Teacher

A short murder mystery. Enjoy this FREE read in thirty minutes. London 1881. A young teacher dies at a school just weeks after her sister.…

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Westminster Bridge by Emily Organ

Westminster Bridge

A thirty minute short mystery! Currently available as a free download. News reporter Penny Green is committed to her job. But should she impose on…

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Tragedy at Piddleton Hotel by Emily Organ

Tragedy at Piddleton Hotel

*** Shortlisted for Amazon UK's Kindle Storyteller Award 2019 *** Armed with a handbag and fuelled by cake, Annabel Churchill is a mature yet tenacious…

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Murder in Cold Mud by Emily Organ

Murder in Cold Mud

The Compton Poppleford Horticultural Society Annual Show is just around the corner but there’s a problem: someone is murdering the competitors. Stories of vegetable rivalry…

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Puzzle in Poppleford Wood by Emily Organ

Puzzle in Poppleford Wood

Cake loving sleuths Annabel Churchill and Doris Pemberley face a baffling cold case. For twenty years the villagers of Compton Poppleford have been puzzled by…

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A Troublesome Case by Emily Organ

A Troublesome Case

A FREE short mystery to accompany the Churchill & Pemberley cozy mystery series. Churchill and Pemberley are on the train home from a shopping trip…

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Christmas Calamity at the Vicarage by Emily Organ

Christmas Calamity at the Vicarage

A Christmas novella! The event of Compton Poppleford's festive season has arrived: the Vicarage Christmas Party. With sherry, mince pies and Christmas carols, the festivities…

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Penny Green Series by Emily Organ

The Penny Green Series: Books 1-3

The first three mysteries in the Penny Green Victorian Mystery Series - Limelight, The Rookery and The Maid's Secret. As one of the first female…

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Penny Green Series by Emily Organ

The Penny Green Series: Books 4-6

The fourth, fifth and sixth mysteries in the Penny Green Victorian Mystery Series - The Inventor, Curse of the Poppy and The Bermondsey Poisoner. Plucky…

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